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"هُوَّ غَريب وَهُوَّ زَوْجِك يا لَمى."

Translation:He is weird and he is your husband, Lama.

July 3, 2019



Why cant we say strange instead of weird???


how close of friends do you have to be to say this to someone. I feel like in the US this could be considered rude.


Duolingo's approach is about grammar and vocab, not about context or logic


Them Writers be high on OUD maybe. XD


Started Arabic earlier this evening and have just gotten to this; thanks for a laugh out loud! Lama, there are two things I need you to know about him.


Just how negative or insulting of a word is /ghariib/ in Arabic? "Weird" could be anything from an affectionate "a bit odd" to completely pejorative "creepy freak." I feel like the examples lean toward the first, but it's hard to tell—any native speaker insight?


I had a typo but it counted it as wrong. Wish the app could recognize that better.


هُوَ غريبٌ وَهُوَ زَوْجُكِ


This lesson has gotten this wrong all over the place! That's strange!



Some say the course-makers try to mix between Modern Standard Arabic and slangs/dialects, and omit all ending sounds because they thought that this method is easier for learners who never know about Arabic. -- The results are a strange, new Arabic language.

Whilst, others say the course is not created by Arabic linguists so then many grammatical errors are not realized.

So, I don't know what's going on but just keep learning :))


Yes, it's a free course anyway. I'm enjoying it and learning a lot, so I shouldn't complain.

Out of curiosity though, would any native Arabic speaker say "Huwa Zawjik" instead of "Huwa Zawjuk"?

I grew up in Iran where we learned a ton of Arabic grammar so we can understand the Quran, but I cannot have even the most basic conversation in Arabic since all I know is grammar and noting else.



Don't worry our complaints will be considered as a feedback for them, so then they will improve the course, we hope :)) In other places, there are free Arabic courses with high quality. I believe!

As far as I know, "zaujik/zaujak" is from some slang/dialects (Levantine?) so native Arabs will use their slang only in their own locality. Whilst, "huwa zaujuki/zaujuka" is standard (Arabic fuSa), agreed by the Arab League. Hence, standard is used widely in all over the world. If we talk to natives, they will choose to speak with standard Arabic, instead of the slang.

Oh, I thought Iran also has its own Arabic dialect beside Persian :))

So, probably, our conditions are the same. In my country, most of us study Arabic Grammar for Quran, we have some difficulties because we don't use Arabic in our daily conversation. :D


Why did you married him anyway??


Couldn't it be the other way around too?


I have one complain about this Example, 1. Why?


Why my answer was uncorrect....I can't understand. It's translation is he is wired and he is your husband. Why it says it is incorrect???



Did you really write "He is wired ..."? If that so, it's not quite right because it should be: "He is weird ...". :))


...and you are no longer my friend.

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