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It is a work in progress...

We all have the fire to learn and Duolingo is trying its best to fulfil our expectations. The Arabic course is just new and on the beta mod, at this stage, every single suggestion counts, so please suggest as much as you can in a constructive way and let's contribute to taking it as the closest to perfection that we can...

July 3, 2019



There must be thousands (if not millions) of people like me who can read the arabic text (due to Quran classes as children) but who do not understand the language. There should be a way to skip all the matching English lettering to Arabic letters which seems to be running through the whole thing at every single level no matter how far I get, very tedious.


I second this. Can read the arabic perfectly but I want to focus on meanings, vocab, grammar and phrases


In some parts of the course (especially when you have to translate words, so from "Alphabet 4") Arabic letters are definitely too small, I cannot read them. Can you please change the size of them? I would really appreciate it. Otherwise I've been really waiting for this course, it's amazing I can learn Arabic now so thank you!


I wrote about it here in detail and offered this solution to make Arabic letters look more legible. Give it a try


The same tiny font problem also afflicts the Android version, and needs to be solved. It's really frustrating. Some of the exercises involving the alphabet show beautiful huge letters, while the "pairing" exercises show an absurdly tiny font.


Did you read my post? I have told a workaround for tablets and cell phones too. Unfortunately, there's no way I can tweak the Android version and make it more convenient for learners


Thank you! this solution works perfectly.


Separate grammar, vocab, and alphabet please. Also teach us advanced grammar. I learned the whole Spanish language here.


I don't understand the pedagogic choices about the alphabet learning. I know the arabic alphabet, but even if I didn't, I'm not sure that going through rounds and rounds of ta-tha-sha is a good way to improve! So far, I'm quite desapointed with this course.


It’s better on a computer where you can skip quite a lot, the app doesn’t seem to have those options.


I had fun completing the tree to L5/golden and can’t wait for more lessons! And since the course is still in beta, its understandable that it needed corrections/revisions here and there.

The biggest challenge for me was the harakat/diacritics. For some of the lessons, native speakers did share what could be the correct answer (in the corresponding forum) and I really appreciate that.

Other than that, I hope the team could add more useful lessons like daily conversations, for workplace and maybe some entertainment suggestions about known literature/songs and movies.


I really love this new course although I haven't come far by now. What I find cumbersome is that up to now, the lessons which go beyond the alphabet still mostly consist of matching "how it's written in Arab" to "how it's written in English" while teaching of actual words is only a little part of the lessons. For example after the lesson "description 2" I still struggle with the taught adjectives because they were such a minor part of the lesson

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