What About Stories for Hindi ???

How come there is no Stories feature for Hindi? There are only Learn, Discuss, Shop, and More features. Stories would be such a great way for us Hindi-learners to improve our reading speed and understanding of Hindi words. I know it has really helped me when learning French, so why not Hindi? Please update us if and when you add this feature to Hindi. It would really help. Thanks Duo.

July 3, 2019


My guess is that it is not a top priority, because to provide free language learning for people in poor countries , or for people learning english, duolingo is making content for people for whom ads are more valuable , and those who would pay more for any paid services. That includes Americans who want to learn spanish - which explains why the spanish stories were introduced first.

July 4, 2019

Okay. But it's a bit unfair, don't you think?

July 4, 2019

Fairness is not the point, the point is to have a sustainable system. I agree it would be better to have all languages treated the same or even more to have languages with less learning support being encouraged. Non profitable entities could do that but would they do it through Duolingo?

July 7, 2019

It would be great, however, so far only four languages on Duolingo have stories. Unfortunately, even if they are going to add stories in other languages, I don't think that Hindi is a likely candidate. It's not one of the most learnt languages here.

July 9, 2019
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