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"His friend Rosa is close to his house."

Translation:صَديقَتهُ روزا قَريبة مِن بَيْتهُ.

July 3, 2019



مِنْ بَيْتِهِ


Yeah, that's odd, that they would specify the vowel on the final ـه, only to get it wrong. With the third-person masculine clitic pronouns, ـه ـهما ـهم, the vowel on the ه changes based on the vowel before it, becoming "-i" if the vowel before it is "i," but otherwise staying "-u." At least that's the case in MSA.


His friend= 'Sadiiqhu', then why is it 'Sadiiqathu' in the sentence?


Maybe it's because his friend is female


His male friend vs his female friend


Because his friend is Rosa which is a woman, so we sgould use feminine word for friend which is صديقة. And when we want to add pronouns to ة we change it to ت so we write صديقته

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