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  5. "بَيْتي جَديد."

"بَيْتي جَديد."

Translation:My house is new.

July 3, 2019



What is the difference between'My house is new' and 'My new house'


Why is "My new house." a wrong translation for this?


How should we say "My new house" then?


Is it because the actual question is to "Translate this sentence" that the answer "My new house" is not accepted. Since there is a full stop, there is a need for the verb...


Hello! In Arabic, you have something called "jumla ismiyya" which starts with the noun. Usually, a 'jumla imsiyya" contains a "mubtada" and a "khabar" . The mubtada is the first noun that the sentence starts with, the khabar is the second noun, it usually describes the mubtada. So there is no need here in this sentence for a verb since it's a "jumla ismiyya". About the translation of " My new house" , it would be in Arabic "بيتي الجديد"

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