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"اَلْمُهَنْدِسة مُهَنْدِسة جَديدة."

Translation:The engineer is a new engineer.

July 3, 2019



Shouldn't it be "al-muhandisat-u", with final -u? The audio sounds wrong.


The correct pronunciation would be:

almuhandisatu muhandisatun jadiidah

If there was another word following the last it would be:

almuhandisatu muhandisatun jadiidatun (huna)

The taa2 marbuutah is pronounced in the first and second word in either case, and in the second with nunation.



I think you don't pronounce the Ta Merbuta in the first case.


+1. Agree! I don't hear the first mohandisATUN and I don't understand why it isn't just mohandisAT...?


Right! Because of "al", no nunation, "un", for almuhandisa. But the rest, being predicates, get an "un"


Why is the word "engineer" repeated twice?


I have trouble reading the first word, as it seems the م is jammed in between the ل and ه. The three letters are so close that it's illegible. It seems م disappears more often. Btw I use Chrome on Mac.


Yep, it's a font thing. Mine looks that way too.


So, I posted this as a separate question in the discussion forum and got an enlightening answer. Apparently, ل and م together form a common ligature (=combined form of letters) – ﳌ – that appears in some fonts and not in others. ﻻ (lam + alef) is obligatory in all fonts, but I'm not sure which other ligatures are used in common fonts. Guess, it's just a matter of finding out when reading…


I wrote "The engineer is a new one" which I think should be an accepted English translation.


I answered the engineer is a a new engineer they showed it wrong it was a typo that i typed a twice so they should not show this wrong answer

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