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  5. "تَشَرَّفْنا يا زَيْنة."

"تَشَرَّفْنا يا زَيْنة."

Translation:It's a pleasure to meet you, Zeina.

July 3, 2019


[deactivated user]

    Arg, I find so much about this course frustrating, especially how answers with the same meabing aren't accepted. "Pleased to meet you" should be accepted here


    XD تشرفنا يا زينة، إسمي نحول


    قبل ١٣ سنة ⁦(☉。☉)!⁩⁦ على هذه القناة نفسها كان يعرض يو غي يوووو ⁦


    As it is written in Arabic the correct transliteration should be Zeina or Zayna. I was corrected with "Zeena" which would have necessitated a kasra on the ra not the fat-ha present


    I also wrote Zayna, it should be accepted


    For me either 'Zayna' looks as a more correct transliteration Also I prefer to write 'Muhammad' rather than 'Mohamed'


    I don't think there should be a specific way to write a name.. Zaina, Zayna or Zaeena all are correct


    Why does it not work to say, "It's an honor to meet you"? I believe this is a more literal translation, even, but Duolingo is marking me wrong with it....


    It's interesting that this common saying, literally "we are honored," reflects ancient honor-shame dyadic culture.


    I would love to meet Xena warrior princess!


    Yes.. it should be okay to have typos in writing names


    On the exercise has not been read by a human, the words how are totally differents and are mistakes. Please change the sounds to read by a human.


    Is "تشرفنا" something you would only say to someone you've never met before? If not, then "It's a pleasure to meet you" is not only awkward, but the WRONG translation in English. "Nice to see you" or similar would be much more natural.


    What they teach is not an Arabic language and this is something similar to Arabic. I hope that they will amend the Arabic language curriculum and not spoil our language


    Yeah duolingo's arabic program sucks. I only use it to keep track of my streaks. Have you ever heard of the Alif Bee app? Its totally focused on the arabic language and it seems better.


    Zeina is the correct one

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