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"مُعَلِّمَتَك روزا غَريبة يا سام."

Translation:Your teacher Rosa is weird, Sam.

July 3, 2019



duo thinks pretty much everybody is weird


No! Not Rosa! I was rooting for her!


She is weird compared to whom? Carrie and Judy have set a pretty high bar for weird so I am expecting quite a lot from Rosa now. Perhaps she dresses her all her cats like members of the Marie Antoinette era French court and then puts on plays with them involving miniature guillotines. (Fake guillotines--I am sure no cats are injured by Rosa as they are too difficult to train to kill one off in every performance.)


Perhaps Bob/Pop is the weirdest of them all. He eats cats for breakfast!


معلّمتُكَ روزا غريبةٌ يا سامُ

"mu3allimatuka" -- Formal Standard.

"mu3allimatak" in the nominative case is a Slang.


Why "weird" being a lot of word to be learned? Like everyday life we will say 'weird" all the time? Please change to a more common words, Duo, so we newbie not memorizing too many new words. Thank you

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