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  5. "Omar has an Omani door."

"Omar has an Omani door."

Translation:عِنْد عُمَر باب عُمانِيّ.

July 3, 2019



In this type of excercises it would be nice to hear the pronuntiation once the answer has been selected.


3ind 3umar baab 3umaaniyy.


My throat hurts after so many 3a sounds xD


Yes, HiMeCriss. But in the audio the 3 is hardly pronounced at all. I'd like to know how live Arabs say it.


Actually I think it's fun 3 is a good practice for our voice;)


How exactly is 3a and 2a pronounced?


2a is just a vowel following a glottal stop, so it should be just like starting a vowel from silence (ie. like the a in arm, and the e in exit) - or at least that's how I was taught.

It's a little more complicated when ء is in the middle of a word. You should just try to close your throat, and afterwards you pronounce the vowel.

3a I would describe like moaning with your throat closed.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, please.


What does that first word in every sentence mean?


I keep getting messages I have a typo, but I have the right letters, just without the marks above them. How do we add those?


On the keyboard I am using, the diacritics (the marks) are situated on the first and second row. They can be typed by holding Shift key. The diacritic for doubling a consonant ( ّ ) is found in the top left corner, also hold Shift key to type it. See also picture of keyboard here: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/d4/15/3c/d4153c8f8caa2a3d60e3f26f0b5c6d08.png


Does ladhaya also mean has in arabic?


does the noun always go before the adjective

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