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  5. "غُرْفة كَبيرة"

"غُرْفة كَبيرة"

Translation:a big room

July 3, 2019



The letters are so small that it impossible for me to tell R from Z.


Yeah, sometimes I have to zoom in on my browser to see the letters


If you're using the website, download a Chrome extension called Wudooh. It enlarges Arabic script.


Is anyone else hearing "tun" in the middle of the sentence? I've already heard it with previous sentences and I don't know what to think. Is it a speech-only particle or something?


Yes, I wonder if it's an issue with the speech software. Can a native speaker please inform us better?


Just from the little reading I have done, these appear to be the endings in Classical Arabic, but I too would love for a native speaker (if MSA has such things) would let us know when those endings are pronounced.


1514 day streak?? That's just... incredible!


A little bit every day, and I'm not afraid to use the streak freeze if I'm too busy.


2015 day steak as of today! By next week you'll surpass the current Gregorian year.


In 37 languages


Constant tapping breaks the stone, as the Welsh say.


i think this is a classical arabic for stand alone word if you hear word in google translate they have the un or in ending


ارجو اضافة باقي الارقام التي تمثل اصواتا باللغه الانجليزية (2=ء)(3=ع)('3=غ)(4=ذ)(5=خ)(6=ط)('6=ظ)(7=ح)(8=ق)(9=ض)('9=ض)


not all Arabs use all these numbers. 2, 3, 7 are the most common. The rest are regional usage mostly.


What is the difference between big and spacious in the context of a room?


Big relates to size/dimension. Spacious relates to how much free space is in the room versus how crowded it is. In other words if a very large room was crammed full of junk so you could barely turn around without bumping something, I wouldn't refer to it as spacious.


R ر lacks any dots on it while z ز has one on it


Apparently you have misunderstood me. I know how to distinguish letters by means of a dot. I never, for instance, have any problem distinguishing between i and ı in Duolingo Turkish, but those letters are much, much larger. Here, moreover, the R carries a hollow dot to indicate it is not followed by a vowel, but to distinguish a hollow from a filled dot is impossible for me with letters this small, even while wearing reading glasses. It is unfortunate that the font chosen is so very very tiny.


Yes. It's a real pain in the derriere. It's a real design flaw and shows whoever is maintaining it doesn't care. It's not the first post I've read about this. No response from admins


At the end of the word Gurfa the last letter has those 2 dots on top that last letter with the 2 dots on top is a letter T . In the middle of a sentence you'd make the T sound BUT if that letter with the 2 dots on top ( T sound) was the very last letter of a sentence then it gets turned into a "h" sound. I'm not an arab speaker but I know this stuff.


Emmm spacious and big kinda same


I know Arabic There's no mistake in the pronunciation

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