"شادي مُتَرجِم تونِسِيّ."

Translation:Shadi is a Tunisian translator.

July 3, 2019

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Why is there an un between the word for translator and the word for Tunisia?


The -un is a grammatical ending that goes on nouns (and adjectives to agree) that shows that the noun is indefinite and in the nominative case (which means it's being described or is performing an action). It's optional though in spoken Arabic, and it's not even written most of the time in these exercises, so I kinda wish they hadn't introduced it :/


I thought Shadi was a Syrian doctor?


I'm afraid not.........


Sometimes autocorrect corrects the name and i end up getting it incorrect.


That used to happen to me too, so I started putting a space after my last letter. Now I can proofread everything and not have autocorrect change things on me.


Shouldn't there be a little grace when I just forget the word "a"


Unfortunately, English requires the word "a".


It gave me wrong only because i did not put 'a'


Does the Arabic mean Shadi translates Tunisian into/from another language, or does it mean that Shadi has the Tunisian nationality and his profession is translator (which is what the English grammar implies)?


"I am a XYZ translator" implies "I translate XYZ language". It doesn't imply "I am from XYZ and I am a translator. "

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I had the same question, although I thought it could go either way in English. I'd say I was a French interpreter to mean I interpret French, not that I have French ancestry or that I'm from France.

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I have the same question, no need to downvote it. Anyone know what the Arabic means? Also, the English could be understood in either way in North America.


Your second option is right. Shadi is Tunisian (nationality) and work as a translator

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    Really?? I miss an "a" in the sentence and the phrase is totally wrong?! Keep in mind that the arabic is not available in my native language (Portuguese), so some minor mistakes may occur!!!


    By the time now, I must have understood that there is no provision of auxiliary verb and article in Arabic. Great! Anybody anything to say?


    Please, please, please dont count missing article as a mistake in English. I dont actually learn English, I learn Arabic. Autocorrect it.


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    I wrote correct answer


    I just wrote tunisian instead of Tunisian and the whole sentence is wrong Ughhhh


    So in this case the 'translator' word has no feminine ending because the Tunisian language is masculine even though Shadi is feminine, right? Or is Shadi a masculine name and I am misinterpreting it?


    Shadi can apparently be a male and a female name as well. I suppose this particular example sentence was a man named Shadi but if you were talking about a female, the taa marbuta would need to be added at the end of the words "translator" and "Tunisian".


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