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  5. "Du'vamDaq naHmey nov DIyob."

"Du'vamDaq naHmey nov DIyob."

Translation:We harvest foreign fruits and vegetables on this farm.

July 3, 2019



naHmey nov = "alien/exotic/foreign(adj.) fruits/vegetables", or "fruit aliens"(?)

nov naHmey = alien(n.) fruits/vegetables", or "fruits of aliens"

Both of these constructions are equally concise in Klingon. Is there a particular reason to choose one over the other?

Also, what do you think a "fruit alien" might look like?


naHmey nov You should pick alien fruits/vegetables instead of fruits/vegetables alien because the latter is silly. Occasionally you need to use some common sense to interpret any language.

You're seeing the effects of the word nov being a noun meaning alien, foreigner, outsider as well as a verb meaning be foreign, alien. There are a number of noun/verb pairs like this. The person who uses these words should try to disambiguate wherever needed. It's not really needed in this case, because We harvest fruit aliens is a silly thing to say. (In any case, if I did want to say fruit aliens, I'd say naH novpu', not naHmey nov.)

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