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Is the Danish course completely forsaken?

Four months ago Contributor Moderator Xneb gave us an update on the Danish course and was looking for additional contributors. And since then nothing is happening, at least not in plain sight. There are still serious errors in many exercises, not corrected despite numerous comments or error reports, some of them as old as 3 years.

Dear contributors, are you working on the 2.0 tree behind the scenes? If yes, could you please give us at least an estimated timeline? And is there a chance to correct the numerous current mistakes or is the course going to be completely overhauled, so it makes no sense to correct them now?

Please, give us ANY news.

July 3, 2019



there is a possibility of a reverse tree, but so far noting is happening


but I have to agree, it does need an overhaul.


It disappeared from the Incubator :(


SO SAD! Thank you for the update, 2Milena, saw the announcement now. :'(


Are you actually learning all of those languages?


Yes, I was waiting for the reverse tree in order to do it after I finish the current one (I am getting close to reaching level 4 in all the skills now). And now it's not in the incubator anymore...


They reacted to one report around the time of Xneb's announcement, but maybe there was too much pressure and they could not do it. I guess the number of reports is formidable by now.


+1 to news, any news!


As user 2Milena previously commented, the development of a new one has been sadly interrupted and it isn't part of the incubator anymore. I've just read the announcement. :'(


This is the first I've heard of this-- just started Danish this week and would love to see it sorted. Commenting so I can get updates.


Please don't let my complaints scare you. This course is still rather good. It just needs some overhaul and moderator attention to get even better.

Held og lykke med din læring!


I hope so, its helps along with memrise, and my wife corrects me on pronunciation and if they really do say this in danish. so this is a great combo while i wait for my classes to start.


I hope when you say that “your wife corrects you on pronunciation”, people realize that this only means she is telling you how SHE pronounces something and this should not be taken as an indictment that Duolingo is wrong. Different Danes pronounce things differently. Same as Norwegians. It’s as simple as that. Danes vary based on where they live/lived in Denmark and other factors like age or how much slang they are using or how much they are swallowing word endings (for example mig is now often pronounced “ma” or just the short m sound). Different Danish actors pronounce things differently, even within the same movie. Apparently even Danish TV in the 70s compared to now is different in how the same words are pronounced. I think most Danes would not press the point that they are correct (that’s more a Swedish thing to do)- most Danes I know admit it varies between Danes based on where they live or age or other factors.

I also don’t really think there are “major errors” in the Danish course, just a lot of “we wouldn’t say that” but that would also depend on some of the same factors. People are commenting for all Danes when they only know how they say it or phrases popular where they live/among their age cohort and that’s unfair. However true absolute errors in grammar or pronunciation of course would need to be fixed.


I completed the Swedish tree about a year ago. I need to learn Spanish for professional reasons. However I took up Danish on an impulse. I find it very rewarding as it is. Tell me, in the Swedish film "the Seventh Seal" does Death have a Danish Accent? It always seems as though the Knight says "Jag" and the Death says "Jeg". Tak!


To finish my thought. I seems as though Danish and Swedish are in a position similar to French and Spanish. French and Danish are looking for verbal shortcuts, but Spanish and French seek to pronounce each syllable. To complete my analogy both Spanish and Swedish have the hard "hah" sound.


", but Spanish and French seek to pronounce each syllable". I suppose you mean "Spanish and Swedish"?

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