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"هُناك كِتاب وَمَحْفَظة في شَنْطَتي."

Translation:There is a book and a wallet in my bag.

July 3, 2019



The translation should be "There are" not "There is"


Actually, 'There is a book and a wallet in my bag' is not only accepted, but also common in standard English because the first noun in the series is singular (although some grammar books state that this is informal English). We could use 'There are' if the first noun in the series were plural: 'There are books and a wallet in my bag'.


I think that the translation "there are a book and a wallet in my bag" should not be considered a mistake as it is right now. It sounds much better than the solution which you proposed. :)


How do we pronounce ظ ? It's 'za' or 'da' or 'wa' I'm pretty baffled...


auroradawn, ظ is pronounced like "th" in "that" except that the back of your tongue has to be pulled back and up, towards the back of your throat. If you know Russian, it's like an exaggerated version of the "hard" (velarised) consonants.


Look in Tips in the laptop version, pronunciation of dh etc are explained there.


I'm pretty sure that shanTah is not a proper Arabic word. But it's used in slang.


'There are' is considered to be incorrect. No, no, no ...

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