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Grammar in Arabic: Articles

So I was thinking during school, what should I make a post on today? I came home[by bus some long journey ;p] and wrote out a list that included all the lessons you guys wanted and lessons I had thought of in advance. I believe it was @MelissaRosen who suggested this but if you did suggest it as well, go earn your rightful spot and tell me[I'm sorry I'm a goldfish]. XD

So today we'll be learning about articles. Basically these in English would be 'a', 'an' and 'the' but this in Arabic is much more complicated[but still easy do not be scared of that easily ;p]. This post will be fairly short anyways. ^-^

I've put harakah/vowels on the words to make it easier. ^-^

So one of the words we will be using is بَيْتٌ baytun- a house. This is the indefinite form. The ت ta at the end of the word has a tanween/ -un sound. This is why most of you guys would hear an -un sound. Remember that this -un is not another word, it's a vowel on top of the ت ta.

The definite form is الْبَيْتُ albaytu- the house. Notice here that we have the prefix الْ al-. This means the. The end is also different. Instead of an -un sound, there is an -u sound. When الْ al- at the start of a word, the vowel on the last letter is always -u NEVER -un.

Never get these mixed up. I have and it's embarrassing.

As I said in my last post, I like to write at least 3 examples when I learn something new. I'll do 4: 2 for each. ^-^


  1. A new house- بَيْتٌ جَدِيدٌ baytun jadiidun

  2. The moon is beautiful- الْقَمَرُ جَمِيلٌ alqamaru jamiilun

  3. The happy boy- الْوَلَدُ الْسَّعِيدُ alwaladu as-sa3eed

  4. A girl is happy- بِنْتٌ سَعِيدَةٌ bintun sa3iidatun

There are some words, however, that do not make the الْ al- sound. For example, الْشَّمْسُ ash-shamsu the sun. We'll be looking into that tomorrow.

There are so many different websites and videos that can help you with learning articles. I can't recommend any as of now because there are SO many. I just can't filter through them like ZAP. Use what works best for you because everyone varies. But I would recommend two youtubers: LearnArabicwithMaha and Learn With Safaa.

Any questions, please ask. I'll be happy to answer.

Ask questions; don't make assumptions. Angela Ahrendts

Until next time......................................

Peace be upon all of you and have a great day/night. ^-^

ps. If you wanna learn Arabic language and facts, I'd recommend SASSYandsisters. posts. Here's the link to all of her posts: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/31999313 ^-^

ps[again I know :o]. If there are any mistakes, feel free to correct them. Any suggestions for future posts, tell me and I'll write them down in my trusty notebook :)

July 3, 2019



Is this the topic tomorrow?


نعم أحسنت ^-^


Thank you for this post! It was very interesting.


Thaks for you post friend


Thank you! LearnArabicWithMaha is one of my favorite channels.


You're very welcome! ^-^


Quite independently today, I found YouTube offering me Learn with Safaa - I tried it out and it has really helped fill in some frustrating gaps in my grasp of the Arabic I’ve met through Duo. https://youtu.be/7So-B31sIEA

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