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Arabic Course Problem

I recently started the Arabic course. I tested out of the alphabet tests, but despite doing so every lesson I've done since has been largely if not entirely alphabet lessons. Both Descriptions 1 and 2 and Country 1 have given me only more "match the letters to the sound" questions and only a handful of actual description questions.

I'm not certain if this is an intentional design, I know material from earlier lessons often pops up in other courses, but at this point I'm not getting any of the content suggested by the lesson title and solely getting alphabet information despite having tested out of those lessons. I thought I should mention this in case it's a possible bug or programming error that needs to be corrected.

I understand as someone who can already read and write Arabic I'm probably in a minority for the course but it seems problematic that I'm not getting actual words in lessons that say it should be words, especially given I passed the test out for the alphabet section.

July 3, 2019



Yep it's the way it's designed. As a person who can read and write Arabic, it's so annoying. But it's to teach the alphabet to people bit by bit, which is an excellent technique.


Fair enough. It's incredibly annoying to me, but as long as it's not a bug I'll just deal with it. I'm trying to use the course to help relearn Arabic I studied in college so I know I'm not the normal user here.

Personally though, I think I'd add another alphabet lesson or two so that lessons with different titles cover more of what their titles suggest. But that's just my feedback. I know these courses are an incredible amount of work but that's my humble suggestion.


I found it really confusing when the country lesson didn't really include any countries, and about 85% of the entire level was just matching pairs of gibberish "words". I looked at the lesson as well (which sometimes hides details you miss when on the app) and they still didn't have a list of countries.

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