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Please make it so there's a way to skip the alphabet exercises

I know the alphabet already, i don't need any help with it. i'm twelve or so lessons in and still getting alphabet lessons, and it's being a hugely demotivating factor in continuing these, and yet there is no way to ignore them. this is a big negative in the course.

July 3, 2019



Well, there's always the option to test out of skills. But furthermore, if you don't need any help with learning the alphabet, then I would think the lessons wouldn't be especially difficult for you to speed through and then never have to deal with again?


But they are mixed with all the categories. And I grew up reading the same letters


this cancer is especially true for the arabic course.


I think they assume that people who just started the course don't know the Arabic alphabet. You can try testing out of certain skills if you want, but a little alphabet review is always helpful. :)


same. unfortunately i cant learn other languages because of this nonsense. their alphabet teaching is absolute garbage. they teach via transliteration, which is very subjective... i do not want to have to MEMORIZE duolingos version of a transliteration that i disagree with. its nothing short of a confusing waste of time. im so glad russian doesnt have this nonsense.

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