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  5. "أَهْلاً يا رَواد."

"أَهْلاً يا رَواد."

Translation:Hello, Rawad.

July 3, 2019



To those wondering - as I understand it, يا marks that you're using the vocative.

The vocative particle يا is used when you're directly addressing someone. It might be helpful to compare it to the vocative particle in old English: "O" (O brother where art thou? O ye of little faith!)

In modern English, we'll often use a pause (usually represented by a comma) to indicate the vocative. Compare "Let's eat, Grandma" and "Let's eat Grandma". It's important to be able to distinguish between the two!


Does one always need the 'yaa'?


You should use it when you need to address someone. For example the phrase "how are you?" does not require "ya" because you did not address someone. But if you change it to "how are you my friend?" then it will require using "ya" because you have specified who you're talking to.


What is the meaning of يا?


Isn't اهلا "welcome"? I thought مرهبن is "hello"


In many countries It's most usual to use marhaba (مرحبا) as hello, and Ahlan wa sahlan (اهلا وسهلا) as welcome, as you say, i was aware of that too, dont know why Duolingo prefers ahlan as hello, though it is also valid, maybe its more formal

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