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"بوب مُعَلِّم مُهِمّ وَكَري مُعَلِّمة مُهِمّة."

Translation:Bob is an important teacher and Carrie is an important teacher.

July 4, 2019



Good English would be "Bob and Carrie are important teachers. " Does the Arabic language accept doing this, or does is sound good in Arabic to repeat the same word in the same sentence due to gender differences?


My guess is that we sure can simplify this sentence into "Bob and Carrie are important teachers", but since we still don't know how to conjugate plural subjects (I mean at this point of the course), they decided to present us the phrase this way.


Besides Duolingo not having taught the duel and plural forms yet, Duolingo is just now teaching the difference between male and female endings. That's why they are writing the sentence this way, so students can see "important teacher" written, and hear it pronounced, in the masculine and feminine forms together in the same sentence so that they can be easily compared and contrasted.


The program may repeat the adjective for two reasons: it could be a repetition as a way of teaching and assuring the words OR because in Arabic there's something called dual as well as there's plural and i think it's still two early to mention here.


I agree. Good question.


Because we are learning female and male gender


It's totally normal to do this , but i don't know why dualingo repeat it two time


I agree with mayateacher no native English speaker would repeat 'important teacher' in the above sentence, but I see that there is a distinction in Arabic in that Bob and Carrie are male and female. It is not necessary to make that distinction in English, so Bob and Carrie are important teachers should be accepted as being correct.


i dont like that i can do this sententence without reading any of the arabic.


My answer was half correctly filled as I got here.


Wouldn't it be better Important < famous ?


What is the difference between muhim ans muhimma


muhimm = important (male); muhimma = important (female)

You should check out the tips and notes of each unit to better understand what you're practicing on. They're not that exhaustive but at least they're a start.


As this title is university... you only have teachers in schools not universities....universities have professors and doctors etc.


I am enjoying the course, ive learnt more arabic with this app than my other attempts! So thank you Duo and crew! I might right lots of comments but hopefully it will help you improve it! And thanks to all your comments which help me as well!

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