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  5. "Botol air itu ada di meja."

"Botol air itu ada di meja."

Translation:That water bottle is on the table.

July 4, 2019



A desk is different from a table. Is there an equivalent Indonesian word for desk?


Google translate says "meja tulis" and "kas". Looking at kas in KBBI it is not a desk at all. So it would seem just meja is all there is.

If you look at the definition of desk - a piece of furniture with a flat or sloping surface and typically with drawers, at which one can read, write, or do other work.

So meja baca, meja tulis, meja kerja. Searching for meja kerja turns up lots of meja kantor which look like desks.

Also I don't think "Ada" is needed in that sentence.


Agreed. Why ada?


Why not 'That water bottle is at the table?'

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