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  5. "جامِعة جَديدة"

"جامِعة جَديدة"

Translation:a new university

July 4, 2019



Just here to say hello and well done to Duo's Arabic team. I would be happy if u plz tell me were are you from and the Arabic course is trying to teach us what dialect and native?


Im not a contributor but want to answer that this is MSA


Thanks a lot. When we grew up in Iran they teach us arabic for over 5 years, but it's Qoranic arabic n ppl don't talk it. And I cannot communicate with that. Is This Modern Standard Arabic speakable for communication with all arabs?


I too am not a contributor, but from studying arabic (mainly on arabicpod.net) I can say that MSA is supposed to be the common arabic that is understood by all arab speakers. MSA is, I understand, used in current formal and semi-formal settings and newspapers. It differs substantially from Qoranic arabic which is more formal and uses archaic, and it differs from the arabic standard colloquial and the more "national" colloquial forms of the regions of the arabic countries. Interestingly, unlike colloquial in say English, the writing of the arabic colloquial will often follow the way it is spoken. I understand that if you were to use MSA with native speaker, the speaker will understand you but will instantly suspect that you are foreign because native speakers use colloquial forms in one-to-one communications. MSA is just too formal ("high" sounding) for the individual conversations.


So... In Arabic, university is female?


Yes, Cuz it have " ة "


Does this also mean "a new college"?


No. "College" is كلية/kulliya.

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