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Do you lose progress when a course moves from Beta to Complete?

I have finished thoroughly the first portion of the Arabic course, though in Beta mode and will be continuing on so long as I have time to. When the course eventually hatches, what should I expect to happen?

July 4, 2019



Beta doesn't automatically "upgrade" a course; those things are totally uncorrelated. Beta just means that reports of incorrect/incomplete/erroneous answers are very abundant or have not been addressed yet. The most you could expect to happen if the course doesn't update before then is a greater variety of accepted answers and very good translations. Updates themselves vary from nearly unnoticeable to drastically different. It looks like the Arabic course needs something more on the drastic side of revision, from what I've heard from others and practiced in the course, but this is mostly in the realm of topics to be addressed.


Ok I guess that makes sense. Perhaps ages ago when I did one of my courses I had seen it change and assumed it was the Beta-Complete scenario and I could have been wrong.

In any event, I do think you are right with Arabic needing drastic changes. I currently am following it well, but am unsure what I am actually learning long term. So far, it seems like I am just matching letters to words without actually knowing what the words are. Which is great to understand how it all flows. But not great on comprehension. I hope that gets shored up a bit soon. But it is still early.

Thanks for the reply.

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