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"Who is the youngest of my beloved family?"

Translation:ʻO wai ka muli loa o kuʻu ʻohana?

July 4, 2019



Why do you sometimes have to only use "ku'u" (as the above exercise) and other times "ku'u...(sister/brother) punahele" to mean beloved?

[deactivated user]

    Beloved? Where is that in the translation?


    "kuʻu" - my beloved; itʻs the "3rd" form of "my"

    koʻu kaʻu kuʻu

    [deactivated user]

      I see. I missed it, mistaking it for ko'u. So "ku'u' would not be used for describing a candy bar.


      Why isn't poki'i accepted when it is listed in the hints frame?


      Report it as Your answer should be accepted.


      I asked a friend who said that poki"i implies youngest sibling whereas muli loa implies youngest child. Maybe someone knows whether people interpret it that way.


      ʻO wai ka pokiʻi o kuʻu ʻohana?

      Is now accepted.


      Is there a reason why "ʻO wai ka muli loa o kuʻu ʻohana punahele?" is wrong? I gave that answer and it got marked wrong, but I do not understand why. Asking here because I don't know if it's a mistake in the course, or if there is something I don't know and it really should be wrong.


      punahele means favorite instead of beloved. That is probably why that did not accept it. Punahele implies a favorite of one over another. Beloved just means that it is endearing to you. So ku‘u would be better to express that.


      I think what you said was “my beloved favorite family” where “kuʻu ʻohana” is what you want

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