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Feature request: Larger Arabic font

I love the new Arabic course. However, because the script is somewhat different from what I read daily, it would be, for all learning intents and purposes, nicer if the font was made A WEE BIT LARGER. I cannot make out what is being written there. Lucky me I'm doing this course on a web browser so I can just hit CTRL+ to make the font larger. But not sure if this is possible in the final edition in the App.

TL/DR: pls make the font larger for my eyes

July 4, 2019



A bigger font, PLEASE!


Agree! A bigger font would be useful


That definitely seems like it would be helpful. We shouldn't have to be looking for workarounds like plugins and extensions.


I agree, especially on the mobile app! Reading Arabic really hurts my eyes with very small fonts on mobile devices, i would love duoling to add this feature in the Arabic course.


Bump. I also find it pretty difficult to read on both the Android app and my PC/laptop. For example, it's virtually impossible for me to tell the difference between أُ and أَ. Otherwise, I really do appreciate the hard work that has gone into making this new course available - many thanks!


I read the title as 'Larger Arabic front' , please expand the Arabic frontier too on duolingo. thanks


Yes PLEASE. I can't SEE.


Making the fonts so small absolutely kills the purpose of this app. Why pretend you are interested in helping people learn languages when you make the intricacies of cyrillic, semitic, and arabic fonts impossible to decipher because they are so small. I waited for over a year for the Arabic course and have loved it, but the small font has made progressing past the alphabet section impossible. This is absurd. Please fix it.


I second that. Especially with sentences (more than one word). It's almost impossible to read. Would be amazing if this problem could be solved. Thank you guys for the course SO much! I've been waiting for it. Edit: I have found this problem has already been addressed. There's a link to the solution post.


That solution does not work for iOS though, so no good for iPhones/iPads.


For some reason I can only access Arabic on the computer; it won't show up on my phone's app. On the computer it's small, but I'm able to zoom in. It's awkward but just about works.

So yeah, please work on the font. :-)


I should tell you I have a really good sight (if someone is wondering that about this thread)...But the size of the Arabic letters bothers me a lot...And if any of you try to add the Arabic language in your smartphone or pc you'll see that the letters are as small as here...Now I keep thinking Arabs have a supersight????

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hehehe I wish... I have retinitis pigmentosa myself lol Anyway, I've posted above some method which I "hope" it would help. Not sure it would do actually. By the way, in Firefox as well (the one I'm using here) you can simply git CTRL+ + when you are in a page to enlarge the font size as well. (the percentage of zooming will appear in the address bar - if you want it back to normal just click that percentage). As for smartphones I really don't know anything about their fonts and system. diaeresis strokes (harakat) can be quite annoying indeed and unnoticeable on many occasions. Anyway, I wish i know much about fonts design myself!


Yes! Thank you for the tips. I'm already using that "zoom" method aswell. It really works. And I'm pretty sure you can increase the font size on smartphones too (not sure about Arabic). I was just being a little dramatic for the sake of good threads =P


Unfortunately it seems there is no solution for iPad yet...


I have the same issue; however. on the mobile app of Duolingo the Arabic course font size is much larger.


Not on my phone. It's tiny and hard to discern the differences without strong reading glasses.


Yes I agree. When given a word, often times it is written too small. I started learning Arabic a few days ago on here, and I still have to decipher the text to determine how to pronounce things. It is hard to decipher certain characters (especially ones with dots, etc.) when the text is so small.


For the time being, I'd advice you all please use a web browser and make the font a bit larger on your own without waiting for sb to resolve that issue for us. P.S: CTRL+ (Plus key) if you don't have the scroll wheel in your mouse. Good Luck for Arabic Lang journey!


I totally agree : letters are too small and I can't see them easily.

Bigger font, please.


Absolutely right! The symbols are too small...


Yes, please. It needs to be larger. We should not have to squint anymore. I have perfect eyesight but the font is too small to see. Also, thank you to whoever got my flag to show.


I strongly agree. Some characters are impossible to differentiate between them on the app.


It's good vision training, though! JK, I actually clicked this thread to lingot you. :D


Juuuust a little be bigger would be cool!




Yes I tend to agree I have had to enlarge the screen size to see clearly the font.


There's no way I can solve the problem on mobile versions but for web version i.e. when you use Duolingo on Firefox/Chrome, I've created this custom theme. You can use it while we're waiting for Duolingo to take action


i concur! nonetheless our motivation to learn will help us deal with it and find solutions it would be nice to not have too!


the problem is that if you're willing to read arabic elsewhere than duolingo, you need to get used to reading arabic in small fonts because that's how it is everywhere in the internet, in the newspapers... and so on


Sure, but kids in English-speaking elementary schools use larger fonts for a few years before reading newspapers and novels, so it would be good to start us on the big print : - )


indeed, haven't they tried to read it?


I second this motion. Larger Arabic font in the answer blocks, please!

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Hello everyone. I realize the problem with the size (it is there for me as well, and specifically in Arabic writing). Anyway, I'm not sure if this helps, but in my browser (firefox) there is a section where you can pick the fonts specific for a language (in firefox that's in the Options, under the "General" tab) and there you will find Arabic in the list of the languages and fonts that are typically used to type Arabic in the browser (or be called from a website). Usually such fonts have embedded Arabic characters in them along with other scripts, such as Times New Roman and Arial. Anyway, maybe (just maybe) you can change the size of the font from here to make it larger for you and specifically for the Arabic language. I'm sure other browsers have some options related to this. Unfortunately, I really don't know if such thing exists on Android or iOS. I just hope this helps you all - if it doesn't work, then well, time to wait for them to change the font! EDIT: In Firefox, you can simply also press CTRL+ + to enlarge the page with all its fonts and pictures (the percentage of zooming will appear in the address bar) If you want it back to normal, just click that percentage and the zooming level will get back to normal. Again, it's something in the browser on PC not sure about Android and iOS


Also, some of the words are too big for the flashcards, or the flashcards or to small. Whichever one is more convenient to fix.


Yes, the default font is ridiculously tiny on PC.


This would really save time...and my eyes>_


Agreed. Absolutely love the course but I don't have very good eyesight and it seems Arabic in particular can be very difficult to parse (especially for beginners) at smaller font sizes.


Common Duo, NASA put guys on the moon 50 years ago, so increasing the font size can’t be that difficult surely? Thanks for a great language learning opportunity though a Duo, we love you!


Hi, I would like to add my voice to request a larger font for Arabic. I love the course, it is really well made but I struggle to read some of the words especially in the higher levels with multi words. Thanks


Bump! Need this as well!


I totally agree. I am in my fifth year of learning arabic and I still think that those letters are so small.

BUT this is actually how letters look like in the arab world. If you want to learn how to read a newspaper or a website, you better get used to this! And handwriting is even harder...

So I would suggest that the letters are big in the beginning of the tree, when you are learning the alphabet. And then when you get to higher levels, they gradually become smaller :)


I cannot enlarge the minuscule font on my iPad. No one seems to be paying any attention to the complaints.


I had the same problem. Now, I installed an extension to the browser that enhances arabic script. It's way more legible, althought a bit uglier. The one I'm using is Wudooh.


we will be blind before we can talk the language - bigger font for less eye strain please!


it's so tiny! like what's the point in learning the letters if a word is totally illegible due to font size? even zoomed in 250% isnt helping much


500% now and i can just about make out the letters. like, what? each word is the same size as 'in' in english


Did this ever change? I just recently began the course and although it's okay when it's singular words on the big cards when you're constructing a sentence it is ridiculous, trying to tell the difference between characters like "2ab", and "2ub" is nigh on impossible.

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