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  5. "Rosa has a pretty jacket."

"Rosa has a pretty jacket."

Translation:عِنْد روزا جاكيت جَميل.

July 4, 2019



It would be nice of we could see how it is supossed to be pronunced properly.


Why does it keeping saying i have a typo? Cant control the Arabic by choice


I guess if you're typing you could do it perfectly. I agree though - I'm reporting every one as problematic.


Shouldn't this sentence be feminine?


(Edit: the words that get strikethrough are mistakes. I am so sorry for that. Please see the next comment for the correction.)


(In the sentence above,) the جاكيت word, which means: "a jacket" (singular), is masculine. So, it should be followed by جميل (the masculine form of "pretty") as the attributive adjective of "jacket" -- and not جميلة (feminine) even though Rosa herself is a woman.


Zafirah492228, this is my update for my comment to answer your question. Hope you read it.

The word جاكيت can be both masculine and feminine. We may hear that (1) some Arabs say, "جاكيت جميل" whereas (2) some others say, "جاكيت جميلة". So, if we write جاكيت جميل or جاكيت جميلة, both should be accepted as a correct answer.

(My apology for my previous mistake. جاكيت is not an Arabic word but a loanword which I have never encountered it before).


What do you mean with a "feminine sentence"?

Sentences as a whole aren't masculine or feminine.


So when dey teach from the books why introduce us to feminine and Masculine then... That's what I have been learning for a while now the teacher introduce us to to this app as a help but the it's different here not by much tho so I was wondering about it that feminine structured sentences carry the ة and we have to learn the nun marked feminine words so we will know wen the sentence is needed to to change from its standard masculine form....but in speaking via mouth I guess it's not needed


why isn't سترة جميلة accepted? It's in the dictionary hints. Later lessons use سترة as jacket.



It should be accepted. سترة is an Arabic word, which MSA/Modern Standard Arabic uses it for the English word of "jacket", while جاكيت is a borrowed word from English.

So, your answer is more preferable to be marked as a correct answer. We can report it. :))

Nb: سترة is feminine. So, it should be followed by جميلة.


Pretty always sounds like janid, but it looks more like jamil. Can anyone explain?


Exactly. This sound more janid not jamid


Rosa and rowza are similar sounding but causes my answers to be wrong often.


it says i have a typo. but it's Duo's typing


The sequence of the words have to be right.

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