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"This building is new and spacious, praise be to God."

Translation:هٰذِهِ الْبِناية جَديدة وَواسِعة اَلْحَمْدُ لِله.

July 4, 2019



As a total newcomer to Arabic, I just want to express how dispiriting I am finding this stage of learning. I’m encountering this lesson as part of a “strengthening” exercise, not actually as a new lesson in the tree. Interspersed with meaningless but legible deciphering of “new letter combinations” writ large, come sentences with these words like “spacious”, “building”, “praise be to god” and I am utterly failing to recognise them as yet, struggling to decipher the tiny script. If I am asked to distinguish between different possible translations, I’m doing it on balance of probabilities: e.g. Some word begins with the large comma and apparently it means spacious. “And” consists mostly of a large comma, too. Two large commas feature at the front of words in two answer options, so it is 50/50 which one comes back as “correct”... Whether my answer is correct or incorrect it feels utterly alienating! Then it will be back to some more boring & meaningless old H/h, S/s, T/t, 2/3/a, distinctions again...

Please excuse the moaning: I am sure it is not easy to bridge the gap between contextless “script-deciphering” and “use of vocabulary in context sentences”, but I hope in future editions/versions of the Arabic tree, you can find some intermediate font sizes, more graduated systematic introduction of vocabulary & help build some relationship between learner/script/grammar/meaning/contexts... I am very sure it is not an easy feat, but a picture of a large dog in a tiny cramped building/house/room/kennel/rocket/car, and a tiny dog in a spacious building, etc (and some humorous dialogue about it), might relieve the tedium.


I feel your anxiety. I found that by studying the alphabet on other sites(you tube) it made this much easier


In previous exercises when there was "this table" the table was without the definite article. Whymis there a definite article in front of the building?


Is it bina2 or binaya?


Both work. Even better to my Egyptian ears is مبنى ('mabnaa'). Aside from binaaya(-tun), they're masculine.

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