"This is a door"

Translation:Huu ni mlango

July 4, 2019

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please explain which class - huu should be used for trees, plants, Body parts, why huu and not ji/ma class, also hili mlango


the noun class for 'mlango' is 'M/Mi'. Also note that the 'M/Wa' noun class is the only noun class specific to a group of nouns i.e. all people, animals, birds, fish and insects. Nouns in the other noun classes are not specific to other types of nouns. e.g. body parts: head - 'kichwa' (Ki/Vi), eye - 'jicho' (Ji/Ma). Conversely, the words 'Mto' (river), 'Mwiko' (wooden spoon), 'Mji (town) are in the noun class M/Mi and would all use 'huu'

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