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  5. "هَل جاكيتَك جَديد يا سام؟"

"هَل جاكيتَك جَديد يا سام؟"

Translation:Is your jacket new, Sam?

July 4, 2019



هَل جاكيتَك جَديد? Is your jacket new ?

هَل جاكيتَك الجَديد? Is it your new jacket ?

هَل جاكيتَك? Is it your jacket

Is that right ? (sorry for the reverse "?")


From what we've been told by more knowledgeable students, I think you're exactly right. It would be nice to have it confirmed though. Also, I heard that intrusive A after جاكيتك again. PLEASE could someone tell me if it's a fault, or correct pronunciation?


It should be "Jaakiituka" if we follow Standar Grammar (or "Jakiitak" if we use some dialects) -- and not "Jaakiitaka", which is a combination between Standard and some Dialect.

So, for example - "is it your jacket?" will be:

هل هو جاكيتك؟

"hal huwa jaakiituka?" / "hal huwa jakiituk? " if we follow Standard Grammar (or "hal huwa jakiitak?" if we apply some dialects).


When questionizing it is correct pronounciation.


Jacket is pronounced very poorly :(


I've been wondering about the /kye/ in jacket (i.e., why it isn't /kee/). It doesn't seem represented in the spelling, but it's consistent in the pronunciation.


what's the difference between "is your jacket new Sam?" and "is your new jacket Sam?"


What in arabic would be the difference between the English Do you have a new jacket Sam(marked wrong)and Is your jacket new Sam?? (Right)


I think "Do you have a new jacket" would be - hal rindak jakeeta jadida ia sam? - and "Is your jacket new Sam?" would be - hal jakeetak jadida, ia sam?. I hope someone will correct me if I'm wrong.


(1) For "Do you have a new jacket, Sam?",

هل عندك جاكيت جديد يا سام؟

"hal 3indak jaakiit jadiid yaa saam?"

(2) For "Is your jacket new, Sam?", you're correct (if we use some dialect).


Thank you, my friend.


You're welcome, no problem at all :)


Thank you again. I see I'd made "jacket" feminine. I think it's probably because in French it's feminine. How stupid of me. And how diplomatic of you not to mention it!


It is also correct to make جاكيت feminine. You may hear some Arabs say, "هل جاكيتك جديدة؟" :))


Wow! That's interesting. Thanks.

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