"a big garage"

Translation:كَراج كَبير

July 4, 2019

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We're still learning the alphabet and then next thing you know we're getting words which meaning has been given only once. Why this sudden progression?


How am I supposed to know what the words for this are? when I hover over the options it doesnt even tell me what the words mean. Ridiculous.


I think we're supposed to read them out loud, I guess karaj (I think the middle one) sounds sorta like garage


Don't worry. You will get it correct next time. A baby feels exactly the same that what the hell are they talking. But eventually he learns. But we adult try to learn other languages by comparing to our mother language. And that's a wrong process in my opinion. Cause every language is different. And if you were to read the tips carefully you would have found that duolingo says it's not about perfection, it's about progression. So keep practicing.


Maybe that's why it's given to learn what they mean, to learn from our mistakes! Just try to look at the bright side! (Even when there is none!!!!)


Huge transition from alphabet to phrases...


Is there somewhere we can see/study the words we have learned so far? Because I didn’t learn this, but rather figured it out by trial and error.


The previous lessons did not prepare me for this.


I don't know what this is??? Where did we get these words???


Does anyone know why it is 'a big garage' instead of just 'big garage'?


Actually in arabic u dont need an 'A' to start your sentence with.'A' is not that necessary.


Duo explains this in the Tips for this level. As I understood it, the absence of a definite article (the), implies the indefinite article ("a" or "an"). Without it, you'd be saying something like, "I have big garage" as opposed to "I have a big garage." You need to include "a" in the answer so Duo knows you're learning this. We haven't learned "the" yet, so if nothing else is there, you can (and need to) assume an indefinite article. Someone please correct me if I'm off track here.


What is semetic please?


It is either. Semetic languages don't have indefinite articles.


Yes, in English you should use "a"


It must be singular in Arabic


Why not put a small vocabulary before sentence constructions begin


It would be nice and helpful if the arabic words could be spoken out loud. I only guess how it could possibly sound but I'm not sure

Edit: I've noticed that over internet the words are spoken out loud. Unfortunately not in the handy app which I use.


How we are supposed to jump from alphabet to whole phrase in 4 lessons


I like learning Arabic minda hard but great


This exercise is supposed to learn us the alphabet, and we haven't learned any words yet. Asking us to directly translate words that we never learned is a really bad idea and blocks us in our progression


I have just one problem and thats it how the hell i am supposed to write it? Arabic is written from right to left and here they still want me to write from left to right :( im so confused


Big is Kabeer Karaaj is garage. So big garage is kabeer garage but duo says it should be reveresed i. e karaaj kabeer


Is there a rule about when the adjective goes before or after the noun?


The normal rule is that adjectives in Arabic comes after nouns


There must be an option to bookmark or make notes for certain vocabulary within the app.


Words are not proper


"Garage" means: مِرْآب


This app suddenly introduced us with a lot of vocabulary without any prior introduction. I would recommend the devs to insert some words in the lessons rather than this


We Need every word meaning. Please provide us to know even more


Frustrating, but I think they're pushing us on purpose to try to figure things out for ourselves and learn from our mistakes


I really don't know the meaning of the words.


When you get a short phrase wrong, you should be able to hear it again correctly. Getting a wrong answer and seeing the senetence in English and having just heard the last thing you entered (the wrong answer) is kind of confusing. I understand that the same question might be asked again in a different form right away- but it would help a lot to validate the correct way of saying a word after answering- especially when answering wrong.

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