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Pronunciation of difficult letters

I came across a post on WikiHow a few days ago about the pronunciation of some letters and where the letters come from inside the mouth. It's really helped with my pronunciation of the difficult words and I hope it does with yours.

The link: https://www.wikihow.com/Pronounce-Difficult-Arabic-Letters#

I hope it's useful. ^-^

July 4, 2019



Although I mastered Arabic pronunciation really well (it's actually really consistent, which I'm quite grateful for), this is definitely useful. I will use it to improve, as everyone learning languages has room to get better.


There are some help videos in this youtube channel: Arabic 101 - How to speak like an Arab

It helped me a lot.


This is really awesome actually! Though it is a bit confounding that ت and ط are in the same region. Regardless, this is really interesting!

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