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  5. "a big house"

"a big house"

Translation:بَيت كَبير

July 4, 2019



How shall I translate words, I'd never learned before?


I agree with you. If one doesn't know the arabic sound of a word, how can one even try to sound out the phrase. This system leaves a bit to be desired.


I wrote ( باب كبير ) instead of ( بيت كبير ) and it was accepted. Even tho what I wrote means a big door.


It also happens sometimes with me

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I'm confused about the word order. I switched them (kabir bayt) because I thought you read from right to left (so Kabir would be the first word).

Can someone please explain the order of words to me. For example, "an amazing house" is mumtaz bayt (from right to left; Mumtaaz comes before Bayt)

Thank you


In Arabic, the adjective follows the noun, unlike in English where the adjective comes before the noun. This has to do with word order and not which direction it's written in, if that makes sense.


How can i translate the words that I've never learned before ... And also need pronounciation, por favor


No sabia que primero va el sustantivo y luego el adjetivo. Tampoco sabia que bait era casa ni que tawil era big.


How do you pronounce "house" in Arabic and how do you write it in seperated letters?


Someone asked how it's written in separated letters... This is how it's written that way.


In this version / dialect of Arabic, the word house is spelled "bayt" and is pronounced like the words "wait" and "late". (Bay-t)


No option to translate? What utter bllocks


Looking at the written word for "big", it looks like it is spelled "kabir", but it sounds like the voice is saying "kadir". Is this the actual pronunciation, or it it just a quirk of Duolingo?

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