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"في الْخَلْفِيّة أُمّي وَأَبي."

Translation:There is my mother and my father in the background.

July 4, 2019



Why "is" and not "are"? (there are my mother and my father in the background)


To the best of my understanding, the verb here should be a plural "are"; so I was confused when you offered me only "is" for a choice. "There are my mother and my father". Maybe my English is too nitpicking, too literal for you?


Also: in the background is my mother and my father. What's wrong there?


This is now also accepted - I just entered that exact translation.


Well, it should be "are."


Is the syntax so important that this sentence cannot be correctly translated “There in the background is my mother and my father”?


This is what I entered, sounds correctly translated to me... Just needs a comma: "There, in the background, is my mother and my father." A bit poetic, but feels correct to me.


I think that في is "in the..." , and هناك is "there is..." , please help !!!

and I am wondering about the same as gregg and the others ...

why is "There in the background is my mother and my fahter" wrong ? ... and could it be "In the background is my mother and my father",

because of "there is my mother and my father in the background" would I translate into

"هناك امي و ابي في الخلفية" is that totaly wrong ??


The default English translation of this sentence is really awful. Reverse the clauses (accepted in Ar—>En exercise) and it sounds much better. You can't teach a language using poor grammar, even in another language...


My father and mother are in the background is acceptable also. Please correct it


I have the same question asked by Gregg732286. Please someone help...


"In the background are my father and mother" is correct English. "Is" in not correct even if "there" begins the sentence.

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