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  5. "بَيت وَكَراج"

"بَيت وَكَراج"

Translation:a house and a garage

July 4, 2019



Shouldn't it be pronounced "karaaj" not "karaj"?


It is being pronounced with the elongated "aa" sound.


Took me a few times getting stuff wrong in this lesson till i finally learned it. Pheeww! My brain is tired.


The speakers in this module are using the unwritten "un" at the end of nouns. Will Duolingo distinguish between Modern Standard and Egyptian Arabic later in the course—or at least explain the unwritten "un?"


Heyy can any one please tell me how do we know if an article is to be used or not


In English, articles always have to be used. In Arabic, though, there is no indefinite article "a" or "an".

So, if there is an "a" or "an" in an English sentence that we are translating into Arabic, we ignore it in Arabic and write nothing for "a" or "an" (unless we are writing in Classical or MSA Arabic and then we would use tanwiin).

But, if we are translating from Arabic into English, and the Arabic phrase is "bayit wa karaaj", then we have learned that English requires indefinite articles, so we would add them: "a house and a garage".


Confused with words that should be written first.


Please give my heart back


Cant differentiate if saying dayt or bayt

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