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Arabic Word of the Day 70# [Journey in Arabia 12# - Morocco Facts!!]

Hi everyone! Today we’re going to look at one of the most visited countries in not only Africa, but the whole of Arabia! I was lucky enough to find so many facts, that it was hard to narrow them down, but here’s what I’ve got for you:

  1. The first think any Moroccan will start telling you about when you ask him where he is from is the food! Yes, the food! Believe it or not, it is hard to describe Moroccan food in words alone. From Pastilas to Tajines and Couscous, the meals will charm you! They are not only well cooked but also immensely detailed. Especially the spices! Ask any Moroccan and he'd tell you how knowing how to work with spices is the most important part about Moroccan cuisine. Perhaps the most essential thing you should know about Moroccan spices is that they have a spice of their own called 'Ras El Hanout'. This spice is made out of 27 different other spices!

  2. The capital city of Morocco is Rabat.

  3. The largest city in Morocco is Casablanca.

  4. The Moroccans are the inhabitants and the citizens of Morocco, most of them have Berber or Arab origin. There are 38M Moroccan in the World about 33M are living in Morocco and about 2.5M are living in France and Spain.

  5. Moroccan people follow the principles of Islam, Moroccan families has a strong foundation in unity, whatever it is the nuclear family as well as the extended one. Children's are expected to take care of their parents when the grow old, therefore there are very few elderly homes compared to western culture.

  6. Toubkal is the tallest mountain of Morocco and the highest peak in North Africa.

  7. The Kairouan mosque in Fez is the oldest university in the world built by Fatima al-Fihri.

  8. The most well-known Moroccan food is couscous, a dish typically eaten on the Islamic holy day.

  9. The most popular sport in Morocco is Football.

  10. The official languages of Morocco are Berber and Arabic.

  11. Morocco celebrates their national holiday of Throne Day on July 30 each year.

  12. Green tea with mint and sweetened with sugar is their popular beverage.

  13. Morocco has the fifth largest economy throughout Africa.

  14. Tarfaya Wind Farm in Morocco is Africa’s largest capacity wind farms.

  15. Morocco is the largest energy importer in the MENA region.

  16. Tourism is one of the country’s most important economic industries.

  17. The second largest film set in the world located in Morocco.

  18. Marrakech is a popular tourist attraction in Morocco.

  19. Agadir is one of the major urban centres of Morocco and is located on the Atlantic Ocean.

  20. Agadir was mostly destroyed by an earthquake in 1960.

  21. Souk El Had is an Agadir’s largest regional market with around 6,000 small shops.

  22. The national animal of Morocco are Barbary Lions [now extinct].

  23. Morocco exports more than 90,000 tons of dates each year all around the World.

  24. A Moroccan widow wears white for 40 days after her husband’s death to show she is mourning.

  25. Morocco is the largest producer and exporter of sardines in the world.

  26. The Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca is the world’s seventh largest mosque.

  27. The Moroccan national costume is called Djellaba but it’s not what youngsters wear nowadays.

  28. Tangier is the oldest city in Morocco.

  29. Moroccan Architecture has been greatly influenced by numerous architectural styles such as Arabic architecture for fountains, Geometric Design and Islamic calligraphy, Persians techniques for tiling concept (Zellige), Al-Andaluz Architecture (Southern Spanish) for Andalusian gardens and arches. More recent buildings are influenced by French architecture due to France occupying Morocco in 1912.

  30. Moroccan Music is one of the fundamental aspects of Morocco's culture, There are many different musical styles to be found in Morocco, each one with its own history. You can find Amazigh music from the Rif, Andalusian music from Rabat, Fes and Oujda, Chaabi from the Atlas, Ahidous from the Souss as well as Gnawa plus many more

  31. Moroccan people are probably ones of the nicest people you'll ever meet! They will welcome you into their homes without even the need to make sure of who you really are, they feel the need to feed you until you cannot eat anymore, tell you all the stories you might need or not need to know about their land and guide you through your entire journey.

  32. The oldest hominoid in the world was found in Morocco near Safi.

  33. Morocco was the first nation to sign a treaty with the United States in 1786.

  34. Morocco was a French protectorate in the early 1900’s but it was never a full colony.

  35. Moroccans speak a dialect of Arabic known as Darija. It is a mixture of Arabic, Berber, and French. You can learn a few words and phrases here.

  36. Morocco gained independence in 1956 and celebrates on November 18th.

  37. Morocco is one of the oldest recognized countries in Africa, with its first declaration of sovereignty dating back to the year 788.

  38. Visitors from the UK, EU, Australia, Canada, USA, and Japan are allowed to stay in Morocco for up to three months without a Visa. [Favouritism huh? I see! XD]

  39. On a clear day, you can easily see Morocco from Spain. [Wait…WHAT?! That’s so cool]

  40. Morocco is part of the African Union, the Arab League and the United Nations.

  41. Casablanca is a Spanish derivation of the Portuguese term Casa Blanca, or white house. The Portuguese invaded and rebuilt the city in the 15th Century.

  42. Morocco hosts Africa's highest ski resort. Yes, really. It is in Oukaïmeden, in the Atlas Mountains, at between 8,500 and 10,500 feet above sea level.

That’s it for Morocco tonight! I really enjoyed making this post, and I hope you’ve enjoyed it too! :D Any interesting/important facts on Morocco I’ve neglected, please share it with us below! Thanks! ;)

And a video to add the final touches to your Journey to Morocco:

[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9iqBeJnsq8U] Have a great night cya guys tomorrow! ;D

July 4, 2019



Hooray for #27! It's a shoutout to me!!! بو جلابة! Also, my profile picture is the emblem of a football team from Fez. I feel like the mascot of this post.


XD I didn't notice that! Yes, you're the hero of this post without doubt! [after those two failed me by not liking Couscous! hmm!] ;p


I have never tried couscous.


;p Oh that is SAD! Do they not have it in America? Cus they have it in Britain, France and some other European places


I have never seen couscous here :(


No 18. Marrakech is a popular tourist attraction in Morocco.

I've been and it's great! Very beautiful city but really hot during summer. I got a tan there! XD

An aerial[kind of] view of where we stayed. It's a nice place and staff are friendly. ^-^

A big market called Jemaa el-Fnaa. We went here a couple of times during the nine days we stayed there. In the background, there's a minaret of a mosque[seem to have forgotten what it is called :o] that we never managed to visit.

Regarding your first point, tangines are nice but couscous............................ Nope ;p

Woah! You're on your 70th post. 70 days doing posts[about that much ;p]. I applaud you. XD


Talk about not going anywhere! ;p I'm sure it was a great visit, I'd like to go there too!

H! Well your taste buds are messed honey! Actually, the reason is, Libyans are the best at cooking Couscous! :p [don't hate me Moroccans] It's most annoying when a foreigner cooks Couscous and says it's nasty just cus they can't cook to save their life [not you specifically just in general]... But anyways, you guys are known for adding bananas into everything so you can't say anything! XD

Yeah, I don't even know when to stop... I mean at first I was gonna stop when Arabic was released but I guess it's too late now


Well honey, your taste buds must be messed up too! Banana tastes good with everything. Couscous can't compete! ;p


:OOOOO Naaa! You need immediate help! Bananas are meant to be eaten alone or with honey, HONEY! Sigh!!!! Even the food I cook tastes better than your banana mush! XD [just telling you, I'm terrible at cooking, i'm just good at eating XD]


Banana with rice, pasta, chips. You can eat banana absolutely anyrhing and it'll still taste nice. Especially banana splits! ^-^


I love banana and can eat it on most things, but pasta no. LOL

I can’t really say anything because I like eating guacamole on almost everything LOL


Banana with pasta? @_@


What?! It makes the pasta taste nicer[I don't really like pasta. Just nope ;p]. XD


Go away Andres! You don't even have spice on your food stop backing up Banana Girl! [officially your new name]

Banana with pasta?! Poor Italians their reputation is getting ruined with your terrible mix ;p

What even is Guacamole?


Heyyyyyyy. You haven't even tried it yourself so you can't say nothing.


I feel for this boy. I get him. XD


Guacamole is like an avocado dip.


Oh I like avocados, but on there own thanks! ;p Andres is trying to be so healthy and perfect, EXPECTED XD


Avocados are delicious!

LOL All my friends have asked me if I am on a special diet and I always just tell them no...I just like eating healthy foods. I really don’t think they believe me, but I swear I am telling the truth LOL


I like Tunisian couscous best!


As long as it's not cooked by Andres or Banana Girl it's amazing :) See! this guy has taste buds^


Woah this is interesting! Thanks for this! :-)


Thanks! I'm glad you found it interesting! :DD


Morocco is my 2nd favorite African country!

They like green tea too? Me and them would get along great then. ;)

Update: Wait...Don’t you live in England? And you don’t like tea?! Hmm...I don’t know if Queen Elizabeth would approve.


What's your favourite? Wait! Let me guess... Egypt? Or maybe South Africa? :o

Umm well in that case there's no chance they're gonna get along with me XD I can stand lemon tea or ginger but further than that there is no way


Yes, I love Egypt.

Wow! Only two teas?! I haven’t met a tea I don’t like.


Mushroom tea isn't nice trust me you don't want to try it! XD


Wonderful facts as usual! I always am eager to read your posts :)


Thanks! I'm always glad to see you on here :D


couscous is a very famous dish in Algeria and Tunisia, not just in Morocco, here we call it "t3aam"


Nice! It's also in Libya we know it as "Kusksu" [Couscsou] but maybe it originally started in Morocco?

I searched it! it's of Berber origin [see! we create all the nice food lol] and Morocco has the most Berbers in the world I guess ;)

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