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"E lanakila ana mākou kime ma luna o ʻoukou kime."

Translation:Our team is going to triumph over your team.

July 4, 2019



I wrote "Our team is going to be victorious over your team." I am not sure why this would be marked incorrect.


There are lots of way in English to convey this idea that are not yet entered into the key. I think I tried 3 this time and reported them all.


Does "lanakila ...luna o" sound as pompous (sorry, couldn't think of a better word, well, maybe antiquated) in Hawaiian as "triumph over you" sounds in English? In my minds eye a little villain is shaking his fist at his oponent, but I can't see a football player or a fan use those words in English; would they in Hawaiian?


Funny, just a few sentences after I wrote this "lanakila" is translated as "beat".


Is "ma luna o" necessary here?


Yes, since the victory is "over" another team.

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