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  5. "جَدَّتي مُحاسِبة."

"جَدَّتي مُحاسِبة."

Translation:My grandmother is an accountant.

July 4, 2019



I am having trouble seeing the little marks. How can I make the font bigger?


Use an extension called Wudooh - get it from https://basshelal.github.io/Wudooh/ It allows you to make the font as big as you want. It's available for Chrome and Firefox.


Where does the said "tan" at the end of this last word come from?

Is it supposed to be read out loud like that, and does it only exist after "female endings"?


This is a seemingly simple question, but it has a very confusing answer. It's nunation and it's used in high Arabic (classical Arabic, in poems, in the Qur'an etc). When speaking, you would not use this ending. I would suggest reading up on it a bit just to understand, but don't worry too much about it yet at this level in Arabic. Good question!


محاسبةٌ So should be mu7asibatun.

And since it is the last word , it should be pronounced mu7asibah


It's usually omitted at the end of a word. This course doesn't go into them, but I found a useful video if you want to descend down the rabbit hole of i3raab. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Suko22HnT8I


I meant at the end of a sentence, but my grammar knowledge is still pretty basic after years of school.


Shouldn't it be nominative and thus -un rather than -an?


why is this question in the food section? what a curveball


Way to go grandma!

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