Or more like MOTIVTION! Duolingo has done a great job of keeping users motivated. Leagues, Streaks, Lingots, Friends, Achievements. But I'm in Ruby League, my streak is still burning (Okay, I know you all have like 1000+ streaks, hopefully I'll get there sometime), my lingots are piling up, and all my achievements are done. So what's next? Here are some suggestions . . .

<h1>1 Give us lots more things to spend lingots on, to make the entire thing run more smoothly.</h1> <h1>2 To make daily learning more interesting, daily achievements that would change every day would be great.</h1> <h1>3 Make 1 or 2 leagues after Ruby, including the best of the best. (Then they would have to develop a non-cheating XP system, though).</h1> <h1>4 I would enjoy a way of chatting with your friends. That would be amazing. Then I guess it would have be friend request/accept friend request instead of follow/follow back.</h1>

I would be very happy to hear all your suggestions. Thanks so much Duolingo, for all you've done to make free learning possible!

July 4, 2019


@joethepro77777, I'm happy you posted this. Duolingo would always love some suggestions as to how to improve their app!

Note: I've recently lost my large streak. You're not alone!

I agree that the shop could use some improvement. I've bought everything in there and am hungry for some new content! I do have a suggestion for this, though. Maybe, you could start an XP contest as motivation for some new users who need some motivation to practice? It's just a thought, but that's always an option.

Though I do approve of the thought of daily achievements, I have to disagree with the thought of creating new leagues after the Ruby League. Say new leagues were created. You would work your way up to the top league eventually, and then what? More leagues? The leagues just can't go on forever. Maybe some adjustments to the curriculum would cause more interest in Duolingo, but adding leagues won't lead to anything.

I'm not the most supportive of your suggestion to create a chat system. Here's why: Duolingo wasn't created for friends to chat freely because it isn't an app for social communication. Duolingo was created for people to learn languages online in a fun and free way. There are other apps for free chat. Turning Duolingo into one of those apps would rob it of the amazing quality it was born with. And, we already have the forums for troubleshooting and other language-related things! I don't think Duolingo needs a free chatting system.

One last thing! You have this post under French. I think you should change that to a more fitting topic as French isn't at all related or even mentioned in the post. Just a thought.

Again, I'm glad you did this! It's great for users to share their suggestions on improvement in Duolingo. I didn't agree with all of those suggestions, and I hope you'll see why. But, overall, awesome post!

고맙습니다! Love from Korea!

July 5, 2019

I know right!!! We definitely need more things to spend our lingots on.

July 5, 2019

These are great ideas! I would most like to see the daily "quests."

July 5, 2019

nice html, but why not just use for the body and/ or make class rules on a .css code for an external command to make it much shorter and nicer? and you could use to create an ordered list?

July 5, 2019

I agree! Having more lingots to spend things on would be great, thanks!

July 5, 2019

Frankly, I can't see how any of your suggestions would help learning a language - just keeping you on DL (which is not the same thing).

July 5, 2019


They could, for example, add some other bonus skills. Imagine if they would have temporary bonus skills that are published only for French holidays and give you some cultural expressions. Personally, I would enjoy such a thing and could also profit from the extra practice

July 5, 2019

OK, now I changed the topic. And yes, I'll drop the last 2 because they wouldn't help with learning much - the others were primary anyways. We do need to focus on learning and it wouldn't be benificial to change DL like that. But now that I'm in Ruby, I am starting to want clubs back. I was excited at first about the "new thing", however clubs have more content to them. But I guess it could be that DL doesn't want us to use direct chat. Anyway, thanx for the suggestions :)

July 5, 2019
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