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Friends but no Leaderboards

When turning off the "make my account public" option, Duolingo unenrolls you in public leaderboards, being allowed to friend/follow others and vice versa. I think there should be an option to turn of the leaderboards completely while still being able to have your account public. Please make this an option ASAP. Thanks, iFIREBALL.

July 5, 2019



I totally agree with you, iFireball. The leaderboards are a device just some very competitive users want to see and we read a lot of comments here on this feature and requests to turn it off individually. Any page that can be customised to the user's needs is a good page! Remember that, Duo, when you install new features.

July 5, 2019


@iFIREBALL, this seems like a legitimate request. However, Duolingo can't do everything. It has some limits and might not be able to live up to every single one of your expectations. But, its working on it! Hopefully, they can make this wish come true! 고맙습니다! Love from Korea!


"Duolingo can't do everything"? Why not, Duo installed the feature and it is just a matter of programming.


Duolingo's plan seems to be to integrate the gaming aspect of the Leaderboards in with Duolingo as a key feature. I don't think, therefore, that they will allow you to just turn it off or on at will. I figure in a year or two it will hopefully be replaced with something else. Duolingo changes a lot.

In the meantime, it is a very easy feature to just ignore. Turn off notifications. In the app, there is no reason to click the leagues tab. On the web, it is shown so high up in the Learn tab that if you are further down in your tree there is generally no reason one would be sitting at the top skills of the tree where the leaderboard is shown. Usually I'm scrolled down to where I'm at in the tree before the leaderboard can even fully load.

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