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"Do you have a t-shirt and a skirt, Judy?"

Translation:هَل عِنْدِك تي شيرْت وَتَنّورة يا جودي؟

July 5, 2019



Tshirt would really be قميص wouldnt it? I think that should be updated


Arabic pronounciation of skirt is also a bit strange to me


This pronunciation of skirt sounded more better to me than the others because the previous pronunciations on skirt all soudned like they had a letter M inside them, this one doesn't


Yes it would. قميص. They've really hired the wrong people to do the job.


I thought that meant button up shirt?


So, if T-shirt is قميس , what would you call a shirt then?


From the English word blouse we have the word بلوزة Also from the English word flannel, we have the word فلينة but this could also be undershirt depending on whose Arabic.

Either way, using Arabic characters to spell English words IS NOT Arabic.


Normally I would agree that using Arabic characters to spell English words is not Arabic, but our Arabic textbook (Mastering Arabic 1, by Jane Wightwick & Mahmoud Gaafar) had تي-شيرت . It has never concerned me, maybe because I know that t-shirt is one of those words that was simply spread to a bunch of other languages. French, for example, says "tee-shirt" too, and they are NOTORIOUSLY stuck up about their language only consisting of original French words.

I would say that in this case, the word t-shirt got adopted into the language through common use, which means that it IS an Arabic word. That's how languages evolve, after all.

I do hope they'll introduce some other terms soon though; I wear t-shirts sometimes, but I wear other types too, and I would find that terminology equally useful.


T-shirt in Arabic is T-shirt? Really?? Please review the errors in the Arabic course.


كلمة (تي شيرت) خطأ بالبرنامج فهي كلمة ليست عربية ! يجب كتابة ( قميص )


Seriously? تي شيرت is basically a transliteration of t-shirt. This isn't Arabic, Duolingo. I'm flabbergasted. Even the diacritics are wrong!! What a shame!


Well, it's a bit of light relief to have an Arabic transliteration of tee shirt, for us beginners. But what's funny is that it's presented as two separate words! Like ma and 'am.


Uhm-m a skirt... Hope for changes...


Why they make me so this test with words that I've never seen before?


What is supposed ro make this exercise more difficult than the other ones in this lesson?


Hahaha. Duolingo now regularly does this, without making the exercises more difficult. I wonder if it's to unnerve us, and see how we perform under pressure.


What is the usefulness of this exercise in Android phones , answer is displayed !!

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