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  5. "جاري إِبْراهيم"

"جاري إِبْراهيم"

Translation:my neighbor Ibrahim

July 5, 2019



Is there any difference in Arabic between "my neighbor is Ibrahim" and "my neighbor Ibrahim"?


‘My neighbour is Ibrahim’ is not strictly incorrect but unusual. Usually, you would translate it as جاري هو إبراهيم .


I wrote: my neighbor is Ibrahim. How would this have been written in Arabic?


جاري توتورو :)


Exactly because of this I came here!!!! Yeah!!! :D


And I just checked now on Wikipedia, that it IS really the Arabic title of the movie! :D

So exciting to understand it already!!! :D Almost as fun as to remember this sweet, cool and cute film! :D


What then is 'My neighbor is Ibrahim' in Arabic (this was considered a mistake)?


Is a period the same as a full stop? How could you even see one in this tiny script?


I can't even see the diacratic marks for a's and i's, but they refuse to use a larger font-I've no idea why. This course has so much wrong with it, but at the same time I've learned more than I did studying Arabic in college for two years, because I don't get hung up on the verbs in this course. The transliteration drives me absolutely nutso, it is so WRONG, but it's so nice not having to conjugate the verbs!!! I just never got the hang of that, but in this course they seem to be falling in place somehow. Alhamdullallah!!!


The Canadian spelling for neighbour ought to be accepted...

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