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  5. "كَلْب مُمْتاز وَجَميل"

"كَلْب مُمْتاز وَجَميل"

Translation:an amazing and pretty dog

July 5, 2019



So, is this the same as "A dog is amazing and pretty"?


This isn't really something we would say in either Arabic or English. We would either say "dogs are amazing and beautiful" or "this dog is amazing and beautiful" or "having a dog is amazing and beautiful". I cant imagine a scenario where I would use your sentence in speaking either language.


Hmm, good point. I'm so used to Duolingo throwing illogical sentences at me that I seem to have started doing it myself. Thanks!


The Duo phrase indicated a specific dog. Your phrase is really a sentance and implies generally that dogs generally are amazing and pretty. "An" would have to be "The," to keep the Duo meaning, and that requires changing the Arabic, so it's a different sentence.


it is not necessary in English to add and between two adjectives ? or is it?


No, normally it is not. However, we often use the word "pretty" as a synonym for the word "very". So if I heard someone said "a pretty amazing dog" I would think they meant "a very amazing dog."


I just wrote a pretty and amazing dog. Its is not right.


When there is a list of adjectives, they go in reverse order. When there is the word "and", keep the adjectives in order around the word "and"


I've never heard someone refer to a dog as pretty


The word "جميل" means pretty or beautiful. Honestly, I would translate this word as "beautiful" more than half the time, and we definitely refer to dogs as beautiful creatures.


It happens, though. I've heard, "Come here, pretty girl!" My old dog had pretty spots and pretty eyes. She was a pretty dog. Hmm, now your heard it :D


This one is kinda confusing because it says "an amazing pretty dog" in arabic, but when i translated it i put "an amazing pretty dog" in english because that is basically what it means, but then i got it wrong because i was supposed to put "an amazing and pretty dog"


The وَ at the beginning of جَميل is the "and"


Amazing does not mean ممتاز


I translated "an amazing and beautiful dog" this surely should be correct?


For whatever reason, they are not accepting the word "beautiful" as a synonym for "pretty". It is acceptable in English, but I think they just haven't built the program that way.


Why isn't "A pretty and amazing dog" correct?


It amazing came before pretty Example:An amaxing and pretty dog


I put 'a pretty and amazing dog'. How is that different than 'an amazing and pretty dog'?


Note the order of the words!

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