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  5. "مَكْتَب كَبير وَقَديم"

"مَكْتَب كَبير وَقَديم"

Translation:a big and old office

July 5, 2019



"a big old office" is absolutely correct in Ehglish


No, it is not. The Arabic sentence has the word وَ meaning "and." Your phrase may get the basic meaning meaning across, but it is not a literal translation.


No native English speaker would say “a big AND old office.” The correct way of saying this in English is “a big old office” or colloquially “a big ol’ office”.


Nobody would say "a big and old office" in english. Yes, that is the literal translation of the arabic because that is how adjective lists are formed in Arabic, but it's ridiculous to insist on the "and" in English


Why is there an 'un' after 'kabiir' but not after 'qadiim'? Does only the first of a list of adjectives require the 'un' ( sign of indefiniteness )? I've noticed that this seems pretty consistent throughout the course ( if the case endings are used at all! )


it does, but it is not pronounced since the sentence ends there. If the sentence continues, the nunation gets pronounced.


I think the last word of a sentence does not get the case ending.


it gets it in writing but not in pronunciation.


Silly owel again !


This missing audio in the last few lessons is annoying and hinders learning!


My answer has been marked wrong even though the same answer was cited as right in another section !


a big and an old office. why is this wrong?


It's not technically wrong, but this is not how English is spoken. In spoken English, the phrase would be [article] + [adjectives] + [noun] i.e. "a big old office". In spoken English, the conjunction وَ would not be necessary and would not be used.

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