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  5. "جَدَّتي في بَيْتي."

"جَدَّتي في بَيْتي."

Translation:My grandmother is in my house.

July 5, 2019



Why not grandma


why is "house" without the article "el"? i used to see it often "في البيتي"


it is either 'the house' or 'my house' في البيتي is incorrect

(literally translates to 'in the my house')


both work أنا قي البيت has a general implication that the house is yours. Unless a specific context, like say you are interior decorator who are due to visit someone's house and he calls you on the phone to see whether you found the place.


So can we say "أنا في البيت" if the house we live in doesn't belong to us? Or in general we should prefer the "أنا في بيتي" for any houses we live in?


Well, for sure أنا في بيتي is better if you to say i am in my house However if you are talking with someone and say أنا في البيت he will understand that you are in your own home...


And in everyday life we use أنا في البيت more often, unless there is a special situation and the conversation needs to be clearer then you ought to say أنا في بيتي


The definiteness is apparent from the pronominal prefix, so having the articular prefix as well would be superfluous.


But the pronominal affix is a suffix, not a prefix, innit?

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