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  5. "What is your sequence?"

"What is your sequence?"

Translation:Kamu urutan berapa?

July 5, 2019



This sounds wrong in English


The Indonesian sentence is commonly used to ask about your place in a sequence. It can be your queue number at the doctor's, or your place in a race, or your rank in class. I'm not sure how to say that in English that can encompass all these situations.


Perhaps a better English translation would be "What is your place in the sequence?"


No it is fine.

Duolingo doesn't give context so some things can seem a bit odd. This though is fine to me as I can see how to use it.

As to whether the translation is correct, I don't know as the Indo is weird to me. Maybe they mean what number are you or what is your position?


Would this have the same meaning as "Berapa urutan kamu?"

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