New to Duolingo!

I have just started Duolingo this week. What can I say... I'm already loving it. I'm already familiar to Spanish, but the beginner lessons were definitely a good refresher! I would like to say thank you to the Duolingo community for being so helpful to everyone.

July 5, 2019



July 5, 2019

find my other comment please. :)

hola! mucho gusto! and welcome!

Welcome to Duolingo! I wish you the best in your studies of Spanish!

Welcome! Once you get confident with spanish i highly recommend doing the reverse tree

Good luck! I agree Duolingo is great

Welcome to Duolingo:)

Welcome, and happy learning!

Great! Feel welcomed here, I'm here around 4 years, one in that account and 2-3 my former accounts, but always they are (the comunity) helpful, and the app easy to understand and use. Just a Tip, sometimes I could be a bit boring playing the same word, don't do more than you can and use 10xps as your daily objective. Why? Because lose your streak days make you desmotivated

¡Hola! ¡De nada!

welcome and have fun learning!

Firstly welcome to Duolingo, ATiwari17. I'm so glad that you enjoy it. Good luck with Spanish and all other languages that you will be learning! :)

Secondly, I totally agree that Duo is wonderful and I can only repeat after you: Thanks a lot, DuoTeam!

Bienvenido y buena suerte con tu aprendizaje.

Welcome!! Hope you enjoy!

translate this using the dictionary in "more". bienvenida ATiwari17! y yo ilusion dich you disfrutaras aprendizaje espanol en Duolingo. he solo habido aca puesto que cuarenta dias y yo he aprendido tanta ya! if you have difficulty translating, let me know. :) P.S. :) = my signature.

Welcome to Duolingo!

¡Bienvenida y buena suerte!

welcome to Duo!!

Welcome to Duolingo! It has been a while that I am a member of this family. I hope you enjoy it as much as we all do.

Bienvenido ATwari17!

Bem-vindo / Bienvenido / Welcome Amigo!

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