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"ʻO kēia ka piha makahiki paʻa male ʻekolu."

Translation:This is my third wedding anniversary.

July 5, 2019



Where is the possesive "my" in the sentence? It appears to be implied?


there is no "koʻu" in this sentence, so it should say, "...the third..."


I agree. other times DUO wants you to write "the" for "ka" or "ke". until we are fluent, interpretation should be straight forward. my opine, anyway....


There are anniversary parties that you can go to that are not your own anniversaries. Some times you might even show up to a party that maybe you get one friend there and you wasn't invited and be like, "what kind of party is this?" And your friend will tell you that they are throwing a party for his brother and after you ask, "well how many years have they been married?" your friend might say, "This is THE third wedding anniversary."


piha makahiki

1 nvs Yearly anniversary; to have an annual anniversary. See ex., pewa 3. Lā piha makahiki, birthday, anniversary day. ʻAhaʻaina piha makahiki, feast to celebrate an anniversary.


paʻa male

1 n Married couple.



3 nvt Marriage, matrimony, wedding; to marry, mate. [Eng] male ʻole unmarried, single kanaka i male ʻole bachelor wahine i male ʻole spinster, old maid male malū marry secretly, elope ʻoki male divorce wahine male hou bride kāne male hou groom male lehulehu polygamy, polyandry, bigamy Ua hoʻopili ʻia ma ka perita maʻemaʻe o ka male. United in the clean bonds of matrimony. Ua male ʻia lāua. They were married. Hele mai ʻoe i kā māua male ʻana. Come to our wedding.



"our" didnt work either

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