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  5. "لُغة سَهْلة وَمُعَلِّم سَهْل"

"لُغة سَهْلة وَمُعَلِّم سَهْل"

Translation:an easy language and an easy teacher

July 5, 2019



I know they're not talking about Arabic!


What is an easy teacher?


In the US, if one says an easy teacher, it means a teacher that doesn't give a ton of homework and is an easy grader...like it is not difficult to receive an A or B on homework or tests. Easy as opposed to "strict," which would be a hard teacher.


Wa mu3lim-un? It's really pronounced like that?


just in Modern Standard Arabic or Fusha which is whatthis course is in. If you leave off the -un, -in, -an people will still understand you, and when people talk on the street they never use it.


The answer is not an simple etc , before the letter s it is always a not an.


C'mon how could be an simple it'a clearly wrong


Definitely not Arabic! :)


I don't understand when you end an adjective with the "ha" and when u end it without. Would be helpful if it was explained.


I'm not an expert but I think the 'ha' is not really a 'ha' but an 'a' sound, and it applies to female nouns (which also have that ending if they are things, or female people - professions have that ending optionally if the teacher/ engineer etc is a female)


Right explanation


It is cool how sometimes in Arabic there can be so many few more words than in English, like in this sentence (an easy language and an easy teacher) in the Arabic there are only 4 words, but in English there are 7! Is that because in Arabic we do not need words like a, and an?


They do have the word 'and' but it's joined onto the next phrase... i think the phrase is shorter as the dont have the verb to be and a ....but i could be wrong! It does seem more efficient doesn't it


Didn't fully understand


There is no meaning for easy teacher


New. Voice. Is. Horrible.

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