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List of Words and Sentences in the Arabic course; up to first checkpoint!

Hi there! I thought it might be useful to create a list of the words and sentences taught in the Arabic course. I hope you it's helpful! So here's a full (at least all that I encountered) list of all the words, up to the first checkpoint!

Please let me know if there are any mistakes as I'm not a native Arabic speaker. Thanks! :-)

I've also added all the words taught to the Duolingo wiki. Feel free to take a look at that as well as I've done the words up to and including At Home 1: https://duolingo.fandom.com/wiki/Arabic_Skill:At_Home_1

Alphabet 1

  • No words, just sounds.

Alphabet 2

Lesson 4 Words

  • بوب = Bob - male name
  • جورج = George - male name
  • رَواد = Rawad - male name
  • كَري = Carrie - female name
  • جودي = Judy - female name
  • روزا = Rosa - female name
  • وَ = and

Some Sentences

  • كَري وَبوب = Carrie and Bob
  • جورج وَرَواد = George and Rawad
  • روزا وَجودي = Rosa and Judy
  • جودي وَبوب = Judy and Bob
  • بوب وَروزا = Bob and Rosa

Alphabet 3

Lesson 5 Words

  • كوبا = Cuba - Caribbean country
  • كوريا = Korea - East Asian country
  • بيرو = Peru - South American country
  • باكو = Baku - capital of Azerbaijan
  • داكار = Dakar - capital of Senegal
  • جوبا = Juba - capital of South Sudan
  • ريجا = Riga - capital of Latvia

Some Sentences

  • داكار وَجوبا = Dakar and Juba
  • كوبا وَبيرو = Cuba and Peru
  • جوبا وَباكو = Juba and Baku
  • ريجا وَداكا = Riga and Dakar
  • باكو وَريجا = Baku and Riga
  • كوريا وَبيرو = Korea and Peru
  • كوريا وَكوبا = Korea and Cuba

Alphabet 4

Lesson 5 Words

  • بَيت = house - masculine
  • باب = door - masculine
  • كَراج = garage - masculine
  • جاكيت = jacket - masculine
  • كَبير = big - masculine
  • جَديد = new - masculine
  • مُمتاز = amazing - masculine

Some Sentences

  • كَراج كَبير = a big garage
  • جاكيت كَبير = a big jacket
  • بَيت كَبير = a big house
  • جاكيت مُمتاز = an amazing jacket
  • باب مُمتاز = an amazing door
  • بَيت مُمتاز = an amazing house
  • كَراج مُمتاز = an amazing garage
  • كَراج جَديد = a new garage
  • باب جَديد = a new door
  • كَراج وَبَيت = a garage and a house
  • باب وَجاكيت = a door and a jacket

Descript. 1

Lesson 3 Words

  • دَجاج = chicken - masculine
  • سَمَك = fish - masculine
  • زَوج = husband - masculine
  • جار = neighbor - masculine
  • بارِد = cold - masculine
  • كَريم = generous - masculine
  • عادي = regular - masculine

Some Sentences

  • سَمَك بارِد = cold fish
  • دَجاج بارِد عادي = regular cold chicken
  • جار مُمتاز = an amazing neighbor
  • زَوج كَريم = a generous husband
  • جار كَريم = a generous neighbor
  • بَيت عادي = a regular house
  • جاكيت عادي = a regular jacket

I hope this helps you with your Arabic learning! Let me know if you'd like me to make another post soon with words and sentences taught up to the 2nd checkpoint! Feel free to take a look at the Duolingo wikia too: https://duolingo.fandom.com/wiki/Arabic

July 5, 2019



Thanks so much! ^-^

ps. You might wanna look at Korea in the Alphabet 3 lesson 5 words. You wrote is as this: بَي = Korea but it's actually كوريا


Thanks! I didn't notice that! Changed it now :-)


Thanks for this and the wiki. I personally study words and other stuff on Quizlet so I made one from all words/expressions you've written in your wiki (the app uses spaced repetition and offers many ways to study- preferred modes are Learn and Flashcards). It's open to everyone: https://quizlet.com/414267895/duolingo-arabic-flash-cards/ Note: There may be errors and the photos used are a bit stereotypical


tho the font is a bit confusing, it helps a lot. thanks for the link.


That's great! Thanks for sharing!!


Wow, thank you for posting this! I keep saving notes myself and therefore know how hard it is to copy the tiny rtl-font characters and edit them with ltr Latin-font editors. Also a big thank you for adding the gender to the nouns! Unfortunately that info is missing in a lot of courses here on Duolingo.


This is great. Many thanks for taking the time to do this for us.


If I may ask, which Arabic country's keyboard did you choose for typing? On my Window's computer, it lists 15 different keyboards from which to choose. Will we have to type in Arabic in this course, do you know yet?

Thank you for making a vocabulary list for the class!


thanks, a real good work


Thanks a lot. This is a great help


Thank you very much and congrats for your initiative. Sometimes I got lost with the sentences.


Brilliant...Thankyou very much for spending time on this. Much better than my notes.....looking forward to your next lot ....although where you are is perfect for me..Thanks again. T


I was doing the same on a word document. It really helps.


Thank you so much. It really helps a lot. Makes it a lot easier too, rather than listening one by one and grabbing the pen to jot things down. Now I can follow the flow of the lesson and later on go over it all again pen and notebook in hand. Helps me remember, great! A lingot to you!


Thank you! This is very helpful!


it helps a lot. i love you.


please make another one for the next checkpoint this is amazing!


this language is very hard, i cant do that


Thank you thank you thank you!


Thanks for doing this, good sir!


Wow, thanks! This is super helpful!


thank you so much! Really great and helpful


I think it will be very useful. Me pensas ke to esos tre utila. Je pense que ce sera très utile.


Mi pensas ke ĉi tiu estos tre utila. ;)


Thank you so much! I've been writing these in my book but definitely haven't got them all down. Syukran!


there is a problem with the expression : praise to be god. It always says it is wrong when it is right. A bug. Please solve this as I stayed stuck for one hour and the only way was to skip At home 1 Thank you


"Praise be to God" (Not "praise to be God")

Also, this is the Duolingo discussion forum, not troubleshooting ✌

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