"Bob is happy."

Translation:بوب سَعيد.

July 5, 2019

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Bob sa3iid


ارجو اضافة باقي الارقام التي تمثل اصواتا باللغه الانجليزية (2=ء)(3=ع)('3=غ)(4=ذ)(5=خ)(6=ط)('6=ظ)(7=ح)(8=ق)(9=ض)('9=ض)


يا أخي أو أختي هذا كسر للغة العربية و لا يمكن أن تعتبر أصواتا


Is there any "to be" such as "is, am, are", in Arabic?


Not in the present tense.


There's no verb "to be" in Arabic. It's an interesting feature of the language. There are a lot of "nominal sentences" that have no verb. Here's a link to a discussion in DL: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/37539230 You can do a search for other discussions on this topic. You will get used to it.


I would love to find Arabic friends to follow on here. We could learn a lot from each other! I love middle eastern culture, i have always been extremely interested in Iraq for some reason. Maybe because i know a little more about it than i do other middle eastern countries because instead of relying on what the local media said about it, i used to learn as much about Saddam Hussein, his family and his regime, as well as the proud people of Iraq!


what is the meaning of sa3eed


Sounds like Pob through my phone speaker - anyone else getting this?


This is because the unvoiced labial p is only a conditioned variant of b in Arabic, which does not include p on its phonemic inventory. I was surprised to learn this upon being offered some bop with my taboulé.


Ah finally bob is not mad


Is it pronounced 'bub' or 'bob'?


It would be pronounced "Bob", unless the speaker spoke with an accent. The letter و/waaw/u is used because there is no letter for "o" in Arabic. People who know English names would try to pronounce it just like English speakers do. It is a TTS computer system reading the Duolingo sentences here, though, not a person.


The answer is Bob is happy so i think there must be something connected to bob and saeed, right?


If you mean is there a verb like "is" in Arabic that should be written between the words "Bob" and "happy", the answer is "no".

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