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  5. "هٰذا شَيْء صَعْب."

"هٰذا شَيْء صَعْب."

Translation:This is a difficult thing.

July 5, 2019



in the future, when making the lessons, it would be VERY helpful to have one sentence right after the other that says practically the same thing, so that we can tell exactly what the difference is. For instance: This is a difficult thing vs This thing is difficult; This is the professor's pen vs. This pen is the professor's; His neighbor is weird vs. His weird neighbor, etc. etc. I, for one, have a very difficult time distinguishing, and by the looks of the comments, I am not alone.


You are not alone at all! I'm equally confused and hope your suggestion is taken




You can add rice and beans and rice and beans and rice and beans and rice and beans and


I agree. I'm starting to think Duolingo was a waste of money because it doesn't teach anything, just says if you guessed right or not. I still only have a 50/50 chance on guessing if the ending on a word means male or female and have to use some other teaching resource to learn from.


You must be doing it on your phone, GaryBea? I mostly do it on my computer, and each chapter has a detailed explanation of what will be practised in it. I've been studying these explanations, which Duolingo call Tips, methodically, never missing any level of practice, and I've never had to guess anything. I think the course design is excellent. even if, as native speakers tell us, it teaches us a hybrid of MSA and dialect. But it's very important to study the Tips.


Thanks Katie for letting us know about the detailed explanations. Once ive more time i will read them!


I think duo teaches by repetition, it praises you when you get it right and your brain will slowly learn the correct way. When i get phrases wrong i do feel bad but it helps tell your brain to know that it was wrong. Duo does try and encourage you when you get it wrong. That is how kids learn. So it doesnt matter if you get it wrong, in fact when you get it wrong i think you learn more...but dont give up keep repeating! Ps im using the app too and have not used the grammar sections available online.


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Could this sentence also mean "This thing is difficult." If not, why?


No. This thing is difficult = هذا الشيء صعب


Thank you so much!


Cycling but failed no such to cook in)))


Yellow text on white background is difficult to read on a mobile phone. Perhaps bold dark colours could be used to introduce new words?


I gave "This is something difficult", which seems to me to mean the same, in English, as "This is a difficult thing". Not accepted.


Уже не будет в Москве и в Йемене что это чёрный цвет)))


Они там в конце недели


Very grateful for the clarification from Hiba. X 謝謝 شكراً جزيلاً


Why is:"This is something difficult not accepted"?


This thing is difficult is the right one bruh..


Hiba.X: "No. This thing is difficult = هذا الشيء صعب"

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